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Thwarting Whoopsie Daisy, the Klutzy Data Loss Gremlin


Of the Six Data Loss Gremlins, Whoopsie Daisy takes the prize for carelessness. There’s no forbidden button she will not touch or safety instruction she will not ignore. Clumsy, aloof and heavy-handed, Whoopsie Daisy is the definition of a “walking disaster.” She totters and trundles, teeters and trips, yanking power plugs, smashing computer keys and damaging any device within reach. Pressing the “delete” button and moving perfectly good files into the trash bin are an obsession for this lumbering lout. In the process, critical business data bites the dust.

Whoopsie Daisy delivers an ignoble reminder that there’s no shortage of creative ways to destroy business data. Even a seemingly harmless threat can lead to data loss, possibly causing business downtime or worse. To learn more about how to protect your data from Whoopsie Daisy and train your employees to keep clear of this clattering klutz, contact us at 785-813-1054 or email us at [email protected]. Together, we can strike a blow against Whoopsie Daisy, the dastardly data destroyer.

Fighting Mayhem, the Stormy Data Loss Gremlin

As a member in good standing with the six Data Loss Gremlins, Mayhem has a variety of weapons at his disposal. This multi-talented, modern-day Jupiter can activate tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and blizzards. Whenever he unleashes his destructive powers, Mayhem is guaranteed to make a mess. Mayhem has vast experience in knocking out power lines, ripping… Continue Reading