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Fighting Mayhem, the Stormy Data Loss Gremlin


As a member in good standing with the six Data Loss Gremlins, Mayhem has a variety of weapons at his disposal. This multi-talented, modern-day Jupiter can activate tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and blizzards. Whenever he unleashes his destructive powers, Mayhem is guaranteed to make a mess. Mayhem has vast experience in knocking out power lines, ripping roofs of buildings, and flooding all manner of structures, turning everything within them into a nasty soup. And when any of that happens, your critical business data is at risk.

Mayhem has outdone himself lately, summoning up unlimited powers to create gigantic storms with driving rains, blasting winds and extensive flooding. Once he whips himself up into a rage, Mayhem cannot be contained – not until he exhausts himself. But Mayhem doesn’t have to have the last word. While he can’t be stopped entirely, his ruinous goals can be derailed with proper data backups and business recovery preparations. To learn how to combat Mayhem, call us at 785-813-1054 or email us at [email protected]. Together, we’ll make sure he doesn’t get the final say.

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