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It’s Time to Starve Scratch, the Data Gobbling Gremlin


You may already have come across Scratch, one of the six Data Loss Gremlins who can wreak havoc with your business by stealing or destroying critical data – or both. Each of the Six Gremlins is worse than the next, but Scratch spreads his own special brand of malevolence across the IT landscape with his ravenous appetite for destruction. Always ready to strike when least expected, Scratch has a predilection for aging, overworked servers so he can get his fangs into the irresistible data they hold.

But if you think you’re safe because you have newer, better-honed equipment, think again. Scratch is not that picky. If there’s data, he will do everything in his power to get at it, leaving a trail of damaged disks, mangled motherboards and despondent administrators. Clearly, it’s time to starve Scratch, and we know just how to do it with preventive maintenance and redundant backups.

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